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About Vintage

There is something very special about vintage clothing. If you're anything like us, you get excited when holding or putting on a vintage piece. We either know the beautiful story and memories a piece holds or it is a mystery and we get to use our imaginations to tell the story. All vintage clothing has one special thing in common, it is a piece of history. Something tangible we can hold on to and feel part of when putting it on. Vintage clothing offers more than a look, it is an experience. Be a part of history and continue its story.

~Please read the following carefully in order to have a successful vintage buying experience.~


Vintage clothing is pre-worn, a beautiful treasure and sometimes considered a rare antique. As a result, pieces may show signs of wear. We carefully inspect each item and disclose any signs of wear in our detailed descriptions. However, due to human error, occasionally some small damage may be missed. Please be aware of this when buying from our vintage collection. Unless noted, all vintage has been worn throughout it's time honored existence. We research every piece to provide an era as accurately as possible. It should be noted that some items may be hard to date and we do our best to give you as accurate as possible an era, however, error in exact time is possible.We provide measurements in each description as sizing has changed in our modern times. Please refer to measurements for best fit and to the condition chart below.

Condition Chart

Excellent: little to no signs of wear, no flaws, no tears, no stains to report 

Very Good: minimal signs of wear to fabric, no flaws, no tears, no stains to report

Good: signs of wear to fabric and/or noted minor flaws,wearable as purchased.

Fair: heavy signs of wear to fabric and/or noted minor flaws, easily repairable or already repaired, noted stain or tear, wearable as purchased.

*detailed information is given in product description 


We strive to offer our customers great vintage pieces at affordable prices. Pricing is decided based on age, condition, fabric and label. Although two pieces may be from the same era and have a similar look, the fabric, condition or label could place them at two different price points.