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Love and Heresy offers consignment on Vintage clothing and accessories both in store and online. The following is information on how to consign with us! Contact us to get started.

How to become a Vintage Consignor

Please make an appointment before bringing in your vintage clothing and/or accessories. Vintage consignment is available by appointment Tuesday - Friday, Please call (970) 342-9773 or Walk in anytime on Saturdays.

In order for your item to be considered Vintage, it must be 20+ years old (1990’s or earlier). Items without labels that are handmade are acceptable.

Clothing must be in good condition with no stains, tears or unpleasant odors. Items with missing buttons, decoration or hardware will not be accepted.

Please bring your items folded neatly in a bag. If a special item requires to be brought in on a hanger, please supply a garment bag. We will gladly review up to 20 items per visit.

We stock season appropriate styles in-store. Please be mindful of this when bringing in your items. We accept vintage dresses year-round. Dresses considered resort wear will be listed online during the Fall/Winter season and not stocked in store.

We carry a wide variety of vintage styles from different eras; feel free to bring in ANY vintage you may have that is in good condition. We love vintage Dresses, Jeans/Denim, Jumpsuits, Blouses, Pants, Skirts, Sweaters and Jackets.

Online Consignment

Some of the items brought into the store will be listed online. These are typically items that are more popular, are not in season and/or have a high price point.

Send us your Vintage for Consignment

Not Local? No worries! We accept Vintage consignment from all over! Email us pictures of your items (remember to follow the condition guidelines above) and we will review them and tell you what to send us. Contact us for more info.

Pricing and Payment for Vintage Consignment

We will determine the best price for your items. We research every item and price accordingly and competitively based on age, condition, material and label. At times, we may discount items up to 20%. All items are marked down 50% in the last 3 weeks of the consignment period. Please let us know if you do NOT want your items discounted.

You will receive 50% of the final selling price once your item has sold during the 12 week consignment period. We will notify you when an item has sold.